Dehancer 5.0.0 Beta 7

Dehancer OFX 5.0.0 for macOS and Windows offers several improvements, chief among them the ability to “print” on the print film Kodak Vision 2383. The update is for the Pro version only.

  • Print profiles with Target White setting
  • Kodak Vision 2383 Color Print Film profile
  • Kodak Professional Endura Glossy Color paper profile
  • Cineon Film Log support
  • DVR WG/Rec.709 source input
  • Source white balance (Temperature and Tint compensation)
  • Optimizations

Here is a description of the print film profiles, from the Dehancer blog:

In the latest version of Dehancer OFX 5.0.0, in the Print parameter group, we have added a choice of the print mediums:

  • Linear
    The characteristics of the print medium are not applied. Only a ‘pure’ profile of the selected film is used, without the influence of the characteristics of photographic paper. This parameter is used by default. It is similar to the the way film profiles worked in all previous Dehancer versions, including the very first one.
  • Cineon Film Log
    Film, selected in the Film group, is ‘printed’ into Cineon film scan format. For example, if you are using Kodak Vision 3 250D negative film and Cineon Film Log printing, the Dehancer output will be Cineon-scanned imitation of 250D. This parameter makes it possible to ‘print’ our negatives outside Dehancer, in additional nodes after it, if it is required for whatever reason. For example, to prepare a file for printing on Arrilaser or other film printer.
  • Kodak 2383 Print Film
    Film, selected in the Film group, is ‘printed’ onto Kodak Vision Color Print Film 2383.
  • Kodak Endura Glossy Paper
    Film, selected in the Film group, is ‘printed’ onto Kodak Endura Premier Glossy Paper. In the previous versions of Dehancer, it was not possible to obtain this print option, because before this print medium characteristics were subtracted from a film profile.

This looks like a significant update.

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