Core Elements Creative LUT Pack

Cullen Kelly has just announced the release of a new LUT pack that is compatible with an HDR workflow. From his website:

  • Create studio-grade cinematic looks
  • Tailor to your vision
  • Use for HDR, SDR, and everything in between

9 LUTs, 45 possible looks, endless customization. The Core Elements Creative LUT pack contains four tone LUTs for creative contrast, and five palette LUTs for creative color. You can get great looks by using just one LUT from either category, or you can choose your own combination and strength of tone and palette LUTs to suit your creative needs.

Casey Faris reviews Cullen Kelly’s LUTs

Purpose-built to work within Resolve Color Management, the Core Elements Creative LUTs perfectly preserve middle exposure and never cause clipping, artifacts, or breakage when properly deployed. They’re the ideal way to achieve versatile filmic looks, without the usual drawbacks of a LUT or the complexity of a plugin.

The price is $79.00.

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