We Switched Over to P3 D65!

We can’t really say we’re seeing a world of difference, but we’re going to be diving headlong into P3-D65 as of today. At least for the videos we edit in DaVinci Resolve. For Final Cut Pro, we’re going to continue using Rec.2020 PQ, as there isn’t any other option – yet. ‘How’, you ask? Why, with our M1 Max MacBook Pro, of course! ‘But I thought you said it was too small and lacking in resolution!’ It is, which makes it exceedingly difficult to make out texture and detail like the fabric of the mask in the test video. Which is why we’re going to continue grading with the LG 55CX just as we’ve always done, followed up by a final check with the MacBook Pro’s miniLED display. The colors of both displays are strikingly similar, though it’s possible to discern a teensy bit more red in the skin tones of the LG OLED. The chromaticity scope in DaVinci Resolve can also be used to check for out of gamut pixels, though we don’t think that’ll be necessary. The alternative is to purchase a Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K HDR for a whopping $1,600.00 and track down a Windows laptop so we can calibrate Filmmaker mode to HDR P3 with Calman Portrait Displays. That simply ain’t gonna happen. Not for a non-monetized YouTube channel with some 1,500 subscribers, it isn’t. Oh, and we settled on S-Gamut3.cine. The video below was graded in DaVinci Resolve Studio set to HDR Rec.2020 PQ (P3-D65 limited) and we struggle to make out any differences at all between the colors of the towels, the skin tones, the saturation and contrast in Resolve and the uploaded video.

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