How to Modify Cullen Kelly’s Kodak 2383 PFE LUT

Cullen Kelly’s Kodak 2383 PFE LUT works its magic no matter what footage you’re working with, but it seems tailor-made for the RED Komodo. However, the look is pretty bold, particularly the contrast, so you might want to scale it back a smidgen. Fortunately for us, Cullen released a video demonstrating how to finesse color and contrast independently of each other so you can achieve precisely the look you’re after.

1. Add a layer node (Option + L)
2. Right click on the layer node and set Composite Mode to Luminosity
3. Click on the upper node and hit Command + C (copy)
4. Click on the bottom node and press Command + V (paste)
5. Right click on the bottom node > Add Node > Add Serial Before
6. Now, color and contrast can be adjusted independently. Selecting the top node and adjusting Key Output Gain controls color while preserving contrast, whereas selecting the Serial Node Before and using the Contrast/Pivot controls in the Color Wheels pane adjusts contrast while preserving color changes.

One thought on “How to Modify Cullen Kelly’s Kodak 2383 PFE LUT

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  1. I knew we could adjust the strength of a LUT, but I not that we could adjust its strength in contrast independently from strength in colors.
    It’s good to know because I find most LUTs to be to strong at 100%.

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