Instant HDR Project Settings

Still unsure how to set up your project for HDR?

There are two types of HDR tutorials on YouTube: those that are 10 minutes long but don’t tell you everything you need to know about project settings; and those that are an hour long but are either outdated or incomplete. What if, instead of wasting hours poring over lengthy videos, you could just push a button and all of your HDR project settings magically appeared? That’s the reason we’re sharing the .dra of an HDR project. All you’ve got to do is import it into Resolve Studio and all of your project settings will be automatically set for you. This one is for RED RAW, but if anyone’s interested, we can do one for ProRes (Sony) as well. Clip info: 6K R3D HQ, 17:9, ISO 1600, 24 FPS, f/4.3, Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 macro, Kolari 7-stop ND filter. The file size is less than 350 MB.

You’ll want to go into Preferences and in Decode Options, select Decompression and Debayer. You’ll then be prompted to restart your computer.

Next, make a power grade by grabbing a still from the viewer. This should save the RED Output Transform LUT and Gamut Limiter in the timeline nodes for use on future projects.

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