Rethinking HDR Film Emulation LUTs & Plugins

Since re-evaluating Nikolaj Pogněrebko’s RAW Convertor, the app that converts ProRes RAW to cDNG in order to be able to maintain a RAW workflow in DaVinci Resolve, we’ve been thinking lately that many HDR film emulation LUTs and plugins are also inadequate from a color management perspective, requiring far too much time and effort to normalize color, contrast and saturation, outcomes are unpredictable and the results are not easily repeatable. This applies not only to Dehancer, but to Cullen Kelly’s free Kodak 2383 PFE LUT and Colourlab.Ai’s Look Designer plugin as well. The only ones we’ve worked with so far that don’t throw everything out of whack are RED’s IPP2 Creative LUTs and the custom LUTs created for Sony’s Venice 2, both of which are free.

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