Dehancer Pro 6.2.0 & HDR Project Settings

The long-awaited update now covers most products and contains new tools and improvements:

  • Film Compression tool
  • Print Toning in Color Head tool
  • Histogram and Clipping Indication (iOS)
  • Exposure Clipping in Monitor tool (OFX, FCP)
  • Presets redesigned (Ps/LrC/C1/APh)
  • Built-in Factory Presets (Ps/LrC/C1/APh)
  • Multiple fixes and optimisations

About the new tools

Film Compression tool emulates the film-like compressed tonal range. It lets you adjust the redistribution of the highlights. The resulting image looks more analogue and becomes more flexible for further manipulation with exposure, contrast, film/print profiles, etc.

Print Toning is widely used in photography and movie production to give a special character or atmosphere. As a natural evolution of the CMY Color Head tool, it’s based on split printing through color filters, where you can control the color temperature separately within three equally quantised ranges – in shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Monitor tool (formerly False Colors) in OFX and FCP plugins now includes Clipping Indication which allows you to perfectly visualize critically underexposed and overexposed areas.

To set up your Dehancer project, the first step is to select DVR WG/Intermediate as the source in the plugin. Do not select any of the camera profiles as none of them offer Rec.2020 ST 2084 1,000 nits as an option.

On the color management page, for project settings, choose DaVinci YRGB Color Managed, for Color Processing Mode select HDR DaVinci Wide Gamut Intermediate and for Output Color Space, select Rec.2020, ST2084 1000 nits. 

On the timeline of the color page, right click on the clips and for input color space, choose ‘Same as Timeline’. RAW files will not have color space input option.

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