Cullen Kelly Releases New LUT Pack

Cullen Kelly has released a new LUT pack called The Voyager for 2023. The Essentials pack sells for $79.00 and includes the following:

  • The 17 core Voyager LUTs to grade faster and deliver high-end work on any job
  • Color Grading Mini-Course so you can make stunning images out of anything you’re grading with
  • “Tasting Notes” .pdf with detailed instructions on how to install your LUTs alongside descriptions of what each LUT does and recommended ways to use them

The Pro version goes for $129 and includes:

  • Everything in the Essentials Pack
  • 24 additional Look Design components to create the exact look you and your client wants quickly and easily on any project
  • PowerGrade versions of all 17 Voyager LUTs, revealing exactly how I used the Pro Pack pieces to build the Voyager set

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