Are Micro Four Thirds Lenses Too Expensive?

Additional thoughts: I think by now that everyone is already aware of my aversion to slow, variable aperture universal zooms, and it was disheartening to see just how many who picked up the Lumix GH5 decided to go with one of the slow zooms being peddled by Panasonic reps rather than picking up a fast… Read More

Lumix G85: Massive Bonus Video

Because the original one was way too dark, I’ve gone ahead and reuploaded my previous video with comparisons between the Rode VideoMic Pro and the built-in microphone of the Lumix G85, along with some tap to focus tests and more rambling on about exposing to the right. This new video also looks at the RodeLink… Read More

Rode VideoMic Pro vs. Lumix G85 In-Camera Mic, Tap to Focus and ETTR

In this video, we compare the Rode VideoMic Pro to the built-in microphone on the Lumix G85. I have the camera mounted on the Zhiyun Crane gimbal stabilizer. One difficulty I ran into is that with the LCD screen swung out to the side and the mic mounted on the hot shoe, it’s impossible to… Read More