The Busan Chronicles, Part 2

I've decided to publish the seven or so letters I wrote documenting my experiences in Busan, where I lived for three years before coming to Daejeon. The very first letter appears to be lost. 20 November, 2007 It's already been one month that I've been living and working in Korea. The weather is becoming chilly... Continue Reading →

A New Set of Earphones

I read that Apple has invested millions designing a pair of unibody earbuds. What difference it will make remains to be seen, as the current set offered with their iPods are notoriously bad. A friend of mine showed me the new cans he'd picked up over the weekend - a pair of Bose AE2 headphones.... Continue Reading →

Café Noir Headed for Blu-Ray?

I love actor Shin Ha-gyun and just about every film he's ever acted in, including the TV drama Brain. By the way, the entire drama has been subtitled and posted on YouTube, so I have some catching up to do! Anyhow, Korean film critic Jeong Seong-Il's debut film Café Noir (2009), which only got a domestic... Continue Reading →

My Daily Routine

I finally went ahead and picked up the Panasonic TM900. I think it’s pretty obvious from the clips that if you shoot a lot of video, a camcorder is the way to go. When I first saw the camera, I was somewhat disappointed in its appearance - glossy black and silver plastic with tacky-looking decals... Continue Reading →

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