Cine EI Pushback From Inmates in an Asylum

Sony's Cine EI - just like ARRI, Canon, Panavision, Blackmagic, RED, Kinefinity and every other cinema camera manufacturer's EI - allows you to prioritize shadows or highlights by allocating more stops of dynamic range, or latitude, above or below middle gray, and letting the photographer preview its effect using monitor LUTs, giving an indication of... Continue Reading →

FX3 Netflix Approved

As a result of massive firmware update 2.00 that enables timecode, Cine EI and a number of other noteworthy improvements, the FX3 has joined the coveted list of Netflix Approved cameras. This is the first time we recall seeing the Ninja V mentioned in connection with a Netflix Production Guide, meaning that recording ProRes RAW... Continue Reading →

Cine EI in a Nutshell

Since Sony firmware update 2.00 for the FX3, a bunch of videos have popped up on YouTube trying to explain how Cine EI works but most miss the mark. Alister Chapman has written a virtual encyclopedia on the subject but it will make your eyes glaze over before you lapse into a permanent coma. Hopefully,... Continue Reading →

The Spin Machine in Action

We've gathered together a bunch of titles of some of the most popular YouTube reviews of the Sony a7s III and the RED Komodo for your reading enjoyment. A suspiciously high number of a7s III reviews include the word 'perfect' while most of the Komodo ones concentrate on price, often vastly exaggerating the true cost... Continue Reading →

RIP Sony a7s III It doesn’t appear to be getting the attention it deserves, but Sony’s firmware update 2.00 for the FX3, their popular entry-level cinema camera, just rendered the a7s III obsolete. In an effort to better integrate the the FX3 with the rest of their cinema lineup that includes the FX6, FX9 and Sony Venice cameras,... Continue Reading →

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