philmColor R3: More Sample Footage

There's next to no sample footage out there of Phil Holland's philmColor LUTs for IPP2, which is bonkers, because these are quite possibly the best looks out there for RED shooters. And without question, for RED filmmakers delivering HDR projects. When the LUTs are used in camera, you can monitor in SDR with the built-in... Continue Reading →

Canon EOS C700 Mark II + REDCODE RAW?

This rumor is too wild! A Canon EOS C700 Mark II with user swappable sensor (s35 5K global shutter/FF 8K DGO rolling shutter), a new gamma curve designed expressly for HDR (!), the ability to shoot XF-AVC, ProRes and Cinema RAW Light internally, BRAW and ProRes RAW with the Blackmagic Video Assist and Atomos Ninja... Continue Reading →

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