Filmbox On Sale

Video Village is having a sale on its Filmbox film emulation plugin for DaVinci Resolve until February 7th. The Indie quarterly license may be cancelled at any time. The plugin is HDR compatible, but since it's targeted at professional filmmakers/colorists, it's a little surprising that there's no P3-D65 ST2084 option in the drop down menu.... Continue Reading →

Cullen Kelly Releases New LUT Pack

Cullen Kelly has released a new LUT pack called The Voyager for 2023. The Essentials pack sells for $79.00 and includes the following: The 17 core Voyager LUTs to grade faster and deliver high-end work on any job Color Grading Mini-Course so you can make stunning images out of anything you’re grading with “Tasting Notes”... Continue Reading →

Dehancer Pro 6.2.0 & HDR Project Settings

The long-awaited update now covers most products and contains new tools and improvements: Film Compression tool Print Toning in Color Head tool Histogram and Clipping Indication (iOS) Exposure Clipping in Monitor tool (OFX, FCP) Presets redesigned (Ps/LrC/C1/APh) Built-in Factory Presets (Ps/LrC/C1/APh) Multiple fixes and optimisations About the new tools Film Compression tool emulates the film-like compressed tonal range. It lets you adjust the redistribution of the highlights. The resulting image looks more... Continue Reading →

philmColor R3: More Sample Footage

There's next to no sample footage out there of Phil Holland's philmColor LUTs for IPP2, which is bonkers, because these are quite possibly the best looks out there for RED shooters. And without question, for RED filmmakers delivering HDR projects. When the LUTs are used in camera, you can monitor in SDR with the built-in... Continue Reading →

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