a7s III Too Popular – Even Atomos Can’t Get One!

Those ProRes RAW HQ files are incredible. Far from the most photogenic human bean on earth, but when shooting with the a7 III, my skin always looked splotchy. a7s III skin tones are a ginormous improvement. Meanwhile, I’m still awaiting answers to a couple of questions about the Ninja V, in particular about the zebras… Read More

Atomos Ninja V Broken? Follow-Up

Update [26.10.2020] I realized this afternoon that the a7s III can be changed to S-Gamut3 in camera and the Ninja V makes the change automatically too. That may only affect the display and not the actual metadata, but hardly anyone is shooting RAW so there’s very little info available. Atomos says it only affects the… Read More

Ninja V Broken

From what I can tell, Ninja V exposure tools aren’t working properly. Additionally, Final Cut Pro reads ProRes RAW as S-Gamut3, whereas the Ninja V says it’s being recorded as S-Gamut3.cine. If the files are indeed S-Gamut3.cine, that means hours of extra rendering time for projects. Edit: Atomos responded quickly to my questions. Here’s the… Read More