The Adventures of a Couch Potato in Busan

Last weekend, I returned to Busan for the first time since coming to Daejeon two years ago. The city has changed quite a bit since I lived there, especially the subway system. The record shops I used to hang out at that used to sell a few sets of earbuds for $10 now carry hundreds of models, some selling for as much as $700. Unfortunately, the retail space for CDs and DVDs has shrunk accordingly. Since the weather was nice, I headed out for Gwangalli Beach, perhaps not as famous as Haeundae Beach, but pleasanter in my opinion. The main avenue facing the beachfront boasts dozens of coffee shops, some of which have balconies from which you can enjoy the view while recharging your batteries. I’ve begun to notice that my videos have a strong cyan cast. I might have overcompensated a bit during color correction, which is why some of the shots could be a little reddish-looking. Be sure to watch in HD!

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