Sony a7 III: What About the Skin Tones?

We keep hearing in the online community how awful Sony's skin tones are. Yet when I share images, the usual response is, yeah, Sony's fine for Asians, but Caucasian skin tones are still atrocious. However, when custom white balancing, they're really not all that bad. What I am noticing when watching YouTube videos are abrupt... Continue Reading →

Sony a7 III: Skin Tones

More skin tone samples from the Sony a7 III, this time shot with the Voigtlander 65mm f/2 lens. Mixed lighting daylight/fluorescent, ISO 800. No color correction in post: I just pulled the shadows down a bit. To be quite honest, I'm very satisfied with both Caucasian and Asian skin tones straight out of the camera. I shot... Continue Reading →

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