How to Upload Sony HLG HDR to YouTube from Final Cut Pro X in 2 Minutes

Note: Apparently, FCPX update 10.4.6 was supposed to finally address the stability issue that has plagued Final Cut for so long, whereby sharing to YouTube from within the app would inevitably fail; nevertheless, as of this writing, I still suggest making a master file. Update: Occasionally, my master files weren’t recognized as HLG HDR videos by YouTube… Read More

DPReview Readers React to FE 135mm f/1.8 GM MTF Scores 😂

@Clayton1985 2013 – Sony doesn’t have any lenses. 2016 – Sony doesn’t have great lenses. 2017 – Sony doesn’t have good quality control. 2019 – Sony is forcing me to change the definition of a great lens. 2020 – Lenses and quality control are overrated, it’s really all about ergonomics and color science. @RubberDials It’s… Read More