How to Upload Sony HLG HDR to YouTube from Final Cut Pro X in 2 Minutes

Note: Apparently, FCPX update 10.4.6 was supposed to finally address the stability issue that has plagued Final Cut for so long, whereby sharing to YouTube from within the app would inevitably fail; nevertheless, as of this writing, I still suggest making a master file.

Update: Occasionally, my master files weren’t recognized as HLG HDR videos by YouTube so I’ve begun sharing with Compressor instead. Click here for the workflow.

1) Import media, select library, click on ‘modify’ in the inspector and choose ‘Wide Gamut HDR’ in pop-up window.

2) Select project, click on ‘modify’ in the inspector and choose ‘Wide Gamut HDR – Rec. 2020 HLG’ in pop-up window.

3) Once you have finished editing, click on the export icon in upper right corner and choose ‘master file’ from the drop-down menu.

4) Double-check your settings, then hit the ‘next’ button.

5) Choose where you want to locate the master file, then hit the ‘save’ button.

6) In YouTube, drag and drop or select the file for upload. Once the video has finished processing, you should see the HDR badge in the upper right corner of your HDR television.