Backups for Final Cut Pro

FCP Backup512I’m often asked about my workflow, especially concerning grading, but one aspect that is pretty much overlooked is backing up work while editing. You most certainly don’t want to lose hours or even weeks or months of labor due to corrupted files or a malfunctioning drive. Or the edit takes a wrong direction and you’d like to return to an earlier version. Backups for Final Cut Pro lets you focus on your edit without worrying about a drive crashing or painstakingly trying to recreate an earlier version of your project.

Backups are automatic and the app can be programmed to save projects, events and media every couple minutes, every hour or on a daily basis. With just a click of the mouse, Backups for Final Cut Pro will restore your project at any stage of its progress. It is also possible to make a snapshot of your project manually and give it a title, allowing you to easily return to a previous edit should things go astray.

Backups for Final Cut Pro is available at the Mac App Store and runs $17.99.