It’s that time of year when lots of us reflect on what we’ve done and hope to accomplish in the following year. First, I’ll be uploading a video about what it’s like trying to purchase equipment in Vietnam, as well as my experiences dealing with customer service over the years, from Sony, Edelkrone and a… Read More

Is An I/O Interface Really Necessary?

Update 23.01.2020: I have confirmed that the Asus PA32UCX, UltraStudio 4K Mini and Final Cut Pro do indeed work with HDR PQ. The reason to use a dedicated IO card (like the UltraStudio 4K) is that it gives you a properly managed colour pipeline that by-passes the operating system’s GPU and colour profile settings and gets… Read More

Preordered the Asus ProArt 32UCX-K!

A popular online website that reviews and compares computer hardware says the Asus has virtually no flaws of consequence, but we’ll get to that in just a moment. Not sure whether I wouldn’t be better off getting the PA32UC instead, but I went ahead and preordered the PA32UCX-K anyhow. The PAUCX-K boasts 1,200 nits compared… Read More

Affordable HDR Grading Monitors Come of Age

Only a year and-a-half ago, I despaired of ever being able to color correct and grade HDR video because the least expensive grading monitors started at $35,000. I gave my Shogun Inferno a whirl, but it’s absurd trying to grade footage on a 7″ display – and I never could get it to display the… Read More