HDR: The Single Most Overlooked Aspect?

There’ve been countless videos and articles explaining what high dynamic range is, with nearly all focusing on the technical aspects: capture requirements (e.g. frame rates, resolution, bit depth, color gamut, dynamic range and so forth), followed by reviews of consumer televisions (measurements of screen uniformity, peak brightness, color accuracy, etc.) and more recently, tests of… Read More

iPhone 12 Pro as a Consumer Reference Display (cont’d)

A few years back, when a younger, more handsome Vincent Theo of HDTVTest declared in his review of the Sony BVM-X300 reference monitor, “When I say that something is reference, it means that you know this accurately reflects the director’s and producer’s intention because this is in fact the monitor that is used in post-production… Read More

Color Correction Workflow in FCP: Get Spectacular HDR10 Colors From Your Sony a7s III!

In the comments section of my YouTube channel, I’ve gotten numerous requests for an HDR color correction workflow. The problem with trying to do a tutorial on YouTube is that QuickTime screen recorder only captures in SDR, resulting in a dark image and wacky colors, so for now, screen captures are the way to go.… Read More