iOS Devices as Client Reference Monitors

We’ve already talked about how important smartphones can be when evaluating content made for YouTube. Post-production houses have always used consumer televisions to judge how their shows made for streaming services like Netflix would appear to viewers at home; but, particularly when it comes to productions like music videos and advertisements, clients need to know… Read More

Why HDR Production Monitors Matter, Part I

Why HDR Production Monitors Matter, Part I Why HDR Production Monitors Matter, Part II Why HDR Production Monitors Matter, Part III Why HDR Production Monitors Matter, Part IV “Unnecessary.” “Not possible.” “Fantasy.” Those are the words of a director of photography, slumming in L.A. since wrapping up shooting of a satirical period piece for Hulu,… Read More

LG G1 vs. Sony A90J: Which Is Best for Content Creators?

Vincent Theo of HDTVTest fame recently compared LG’s G1 OLED to Sony’s A90J, which in an earlier review he announced produced the most impactful HDR he’d ever seen from an OLED TV. Which is best for content creators who can’t afford a USD $30,000 reference monitor? Sony’s WRGB quad sub-pixel boosting  A common complaint of… Read More

iPhone 12 Pro as a Consumer Reference Display (cont’d)

A few years back, when a younger, more handsome Vincent Theo of HDTVTest declared in his review of the Sony BVM-X300 reference monitor, “When I say that something is reference, it means that you know this accurately reflects the director’s and producer’s intention because this is in fact the monitor that is used in post-production… Read More