Netflix Outlines Three Approaches To On-Set Monitoring

Acknowledging that HDR monitoring for every display on-set for the entire length of a production is prohibitively expensive for most productions, Netflix proposes three alternatives: CAMERA TESTS (E.G. HAIR & MAKEUP TESTS) Camera tests for hair and makeup are typically the first time images are evaluated and sent through the entire production pipeline. Some productions... Continue Reading →

MacBook Pro XDR Bizarre Mystery!

With our MacBook Pro connected to an LG OLED TV via an UltraStudio 4K Mini and grading in DaVinci Resolve Studio 17.4 with data levels set to full, the picture in the Resolve viewer is flat, as though it's operating at video levels, making it impossible to grade with the laptop. The shots below give... Continue Reading →

Disagreements About What Qualifies as a mini-LED

Paul Gagnon, Senior Research Director for Consumer Devices at Omdia, spoke with Brian Berkeley, host of The Display Show, about what exactly constitutes mini-LED. PG: "I would say there's some friendly disagreement in the industry about exactly what qualifies as a quote unquote mini-LED set. There is no standardization of this terminology: is it the... Continue Reading →

No Metrics to Describe HDR WCG Displays

As today's consumer displays can attain brightness levels up to fifteen times higher than legacy SDR screens, the traditional 2D color gamut diagram no longer suffices to characterize the behavior of displays, necessitating a third axis to describe luminance. Nevertheless, although color volume plays a far more important role in color reproduction in HDR than... Continue Reading →

HDR Notebooks to Flood Market

Following the praise lavished on Apple's new MacBook Pro lineup featuring Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED displays, industry watchers are now betting on rivals sitting up, taking notice and following suit, increasingly incorporating either OLED or mini-LED displays in their own notebooks. This can only be a good thing, as the 270m notebook market lags deplorably... Continue Reading →

Sketchy Rollout of BRAW

While the future of ProRes RAW looks perfectly secure, regrettably, the same cannot be said for Blackmagic RAW. Concerning which, in his review of the Sigma fp L, Gerald Undone reports that the "4K image recorded over HDMI RAW is a soft, artifacty, aliased mess, and doesn't look anywhere near as good as the CinemaDNG... Continue Reading →

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