Grade Reveal & Download with Grain Added

This video is the culmination of the many changes we've made since around the time we switched over to P3-D65 - some tiny, some significant - from shooting S-Gamut3.cine rather than S-Gamut3, avoiding yellow in the false color guide of the Ninja V for anything but specular highlights, monitoring with video levels instead of full... Continue Reading →

Dehancer 5.3 Improved Grain

With update version 5.3, Dehancer introduces significant changes to the Film Grain tool: 1. The dependence of the optical resolution on the resolution of the timeline has been fixed. Now with a timeline size less than 4K the image no longer has a blurry look, and the maximum value of Film Resolution = 100 provides full detail... Continue Reading →

Dehancer OFX 5.2.0 Delivers!

While Dehancer 5.1 failed to deliver on its promise of double the performance over version 5.0, Dehancer 5.2.0 brings it on with a new quality selector, allowing the user to choose between normal-fast/high-slow settings, each of which offers significant improvements in playback speed. On our 16" 32 core M1 Max MacBook Pro (late 2021) with... Continue Reading →

Core Elements Creative LUT Pack

Cullen Kelly has just announced the release of a new LUT pack that is compatible with an HDR workflow. From his website: Create studio-grade cinematic looksTailor to your visionUse for HDR, SDR, and everything in between 9 LUTs, 45 possible looks, endless customization. The Core Elements Creative LUT pack contains four tone LUTs for creative... Continue Reading →

Dehancer 5.1 Doesn’t Deliver

Although Dehancer OFX ver. 5.1.0 promises up to twice the performance with the new Apple Silicon Macs, playback speeds are identical to what we measured prior to the update - around 14 fps with grain enabled. CineD reached out to the developers informing them that several readers were not seeing the promised performance gains and... Continue Reading →

Cullen Kelly Clears Up PFE Confusion

Part I: The State of HDR Film Emulation LUTs Part II: Moving Beyond Traditional Film Print Emulation Part III: CineD Review of Dehancer Pro Part IV: Dehancer Print Film Profiles Part V: Negative and Print Clarified During an episode of Grade School, a weekly YouTube Live session where he answers questions on all things color grading,... Continue Reading →

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