Create Textural Depth with Depth Map

Grain is one of the key components of the film look but few things are more distracting than seeing clumps of film grain dancing around on the talent's face. One solution is to use the HSL qualifier to isolate skin tones and use the keyer to de-emphasize the grain. An even easier way is to... Continue Reading →

Dehancer 5.0.0 Beta 7

Dehancer OFX 5.0.0 for macOS and Windows offers several improvements, chief among them the ability to “print” on the print film Kodak Vision 2383. The update is for the Pro version only. Print profiles with Target White settingKodak Vision 2383 Color Print Film profileKodak Professional Endura Glossy Color paper profileCineon Film Log supportDVR WG/Rec.709 source... Continue Reading →

CineD Review of Dehancer Pro

Part I: The State of HDR Film Emulation LUTs Part II: Moving Beyond Traditional Film Print Emulation Part III: CineD Review of Dehancer Pro Part IV: Dehancer Print Film Profiles Part V: Negative and Print Clarified "It’s ironic that all of the characteristics that make film look like film are really flaws in the technology.... Continue Reading →

Dehancer Lite 4.2.1 Film Emulation Plugin

Dehancer, an OFX plugin suite for film-like color grading and film effects in DaVinci Resolve, is compatible with macOS and Windows and comes in no fewer than eight flavors: a Pro and Lite version, as well as individual plugins for grain, bloom, breath (with gate weave), false colors, halation and a photo edition with a single frame per clip export limitation.... Continue Reading →

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