Paycheck Stops and Gravy Stops

A decade ago, Arri lens specialist Art Adams coined the terms paycheck stops and gravy stops. Paycheck stops are values that you can bet your paycheck on. They’ll appear in the image with enough contrast and detail that objects exposed at that value will be easily discernible. Gravy stops are the values that lie beyond paycheck stops:... Continue Reading →

Dynamic Range of Early Digital Cinema Cameras

The Arri Alexa 35 set a new benchmark for dynamic range in 2022, measuring just over 15 stops according to Xyla/Imatest. How does this compare to cinema cameras of yesteryear? In High Dynamic Range Video: Concepts, Technologies and Applications, (2017) the authors published the results of various cameras, including the Arri Alexa Classic, the RED Epic,... Continue Reading →

R6 Dynamic Range?

The rumored price of the a7s III is $3,500.00. Throw in an Atomos, cables, batteries, SSD, cage and magic arm and we’re looking at $4,500.00. Let’s be straight: we weren’t demanding full HDMI out, XLR inputs, false color or vectorscopes - all that most hybrid video shooters were asking for was a darn flippy screen,... Continue Reading →

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