RED Komodo: To ETTR or Not?

In just the past 24 hours, there have been something like 175 visits to an old article we posted announcing our intention to return to ETTR with the RED Komodo, so we're guessing it's a somewhat controversial topic! To the best of our knowledge, few DPs on big productions ETTR but there do exist some... Continue Reading →

RED Komodo: Returning to ETTR!

After going back and forth, we've finally decided to stick with ETTR once and for all. No more false color overlays, just the histogram and traffic lights (increasing exposure until the lights turn on, then dialing back until they just turn off). As long as the traffic lights are off, there won't be any clipping... Continue Reading →


In our long list of pet peeves related to HDR YouTube videos, obscenely bright specular highlights in the subject's teeth must rank among the most distracting. And as luck would have it, last night's shoot provides us with a perfect illustration. Peak highlights are brushing up against 400 nits, already several stops ETTR, but still... Continue Reading →

To ETTR or Not ETTR?

There's been a lot of discussion about whether or not it makes sense to expose to the right. Certainly, if you're shooting in dim light and need to raise the ISO, it makes little sense to expose to the right, since ETTR works best at native ISO. But if you are shooting at native ISO,... Continue Reading →

ETTR: Noise, Dynamic Range and Skin Tones

I just did a very quick test with the Lumix G85 in natural light which leaves little doubt that there is greater dynamic range and less noise in the shadows when exposing to the right. Colors are a little trickier, first of all, because I'm not a professional colorist, so I couldn't exactly match the ETTR... Continue Reading →

Lumix G85: Massive Bonus Video

Because the original one was way too dark, I've gone ahead and reuploaded my previous video with comparisons between the Rode VideoMic Pro and the built-in microphone of the Lumix G85, along with some tap to focus tests and more rambling on about exposing to the right. This new video also looks at the RodeLink... Continue Reading →

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