How to Upload Sony HLG HDR to YouTube from Final Cut Pro X in 2 Minutes

Note: Apparently, FCPX update 10.4.6 was supposed to finally address the stability issue that has plagued Final Cut for so long, whereby sharing to YouTube from within the app would inevitably fail; nevertheless, as of this writing, I still suggest making a master file. Update: Occasionally, my master files weren’t recognized as HLG HDR videos by YouTube… Read More

How To Upload HLG HDR to YouTube in Two Minutes

There are now one or two excellent online tutorials for grading in HDR for delivery to YouTube, however (1) they restrict the discussion to V-Log L; (2) the workflows are either in DaVinci Resolve or NLEs other than FCPX; (3) they require the use of expensive external monitors and (4) they’re overly long and complicated,… Read More

How to Work with the Leeming LUT for Panasonic HLG in FCP X 10.4

Update: See new workflow with Leeming Fixie LUT here. For those looking to work with Sony’s HLG, here’s the workflow. Apple has gone ahead and and released what can only be described as a humungous update for Final Cut Pro, including the ability to edit 360° video, advanced color grading tools like curves and wheels, look up… Read More