Using a Fresnel for Soft Lighting

We got this arrangement from Bill Holshevnikoff, author of the Arri Lighting Handbook. Since we don't have Arri lights, we placed a Nanlite Forza 300 fitted with an FL-20G fresnel lens perpendicular to the camera and directed it toward a reflector, which then becomes our key light, creating a soft light with gentle wraparound and... Continue Reading →

RAW Power!

In the video, we demonstrate one way to create depth and contrast for HDR in a hopelessly cramped living space (16 m2) using lighting modifiers - specifically the Nanlite Projection Mount and Aputure Lantern Softbox - along with the Nanlite Forza 300 and Forza 60. Nanlite PJ-FZ60-19, Forza 60 We've spared no effort in order... Continue Reading →

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