Ninja Inferno Saga Continues

In spite of my messages to them, Mystery Box, without so much as verifying their claims, still insist that the Ninja Inferno, coupled with the BlackMagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Monitor, will work as a grading monitor with any computer: And since you’re working with a 1080 display and are managing the HDR interpretation yourself, you can... Continue Reading →

When, Oh When, HDR?

What exactly is the point of advertising that the Ninja Inferno is also able to serve as a portable editing solution if the required converter costs triple or quadruple what you paid for the recorder/monitor itself? But that's exactly what Atomos is doing. I was on the phone with Atomos technical support in Melbourne this... Continue Reading →

Bright Tangerine Titan Arm

Unable to find a proper support for my newly purchased Ninja Inferno, I flew to Bangkok this morning to pick up the Bright Tangerine Titan Arm. The manufacturer claims it can support up to 8kg/17lbs, and there's no doubt in my mind that this is no exaggeration. You've really got to handle one of these... Continue Reading →

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