Workflow for Leeming LUT One – Panasonic HLG v501 (16-235) Beta in FCP X 10.4

With the new Leeming LUT One for Panasonic HLG with 16-235 range adjustment (beta), the order of operations in FCP X has been greatly simplified. First, create your library, event and project and import your media as usual. Next, select the clips in the browser, and in the Inspector, click on Camera LUT – Custom… Read More

Leeming LUT One – Panasonic HLG v501 (16-235) Beta: Custom LUT vs. Custom Camera LUT

Is there any difference at all between applying the new Leeming LUT – Panasonic HLG v501 (16-235) as a custom camera LUT or as a custom LUT? I’m not seeing any, but then again, I’m pretty sleepy! hehe In short order, getting unbelievably beautiful-looking color in FCP X will be as simple as highlighting all… Read More

CRFTSHO Spreading More Misinformation About HLG

CRFTSHO  is at it again, spreading falsehoods about HLG, saying it uses less of the color space of the GH5 sensor than V-Log, which simply is not true. They might come across as more credible if they had the footage to back up their claims, but their ugly, blurry, poorly exposed shots of Christmas tree… Read More