Imagine a World…

Imagine a world where salespeople were well-informed and returned phone calls; where not all goods were grey market; a world with competent customer support; a world with functioning wifi that didn't drop out every minute of every day - and you'd begin to understand my predicament. I really wanted to post more workflows for editing... Continue Reading →

Speculation About the GH6 Runs Rife

The GH5 has hardly been out a year and the online community is already abuzz with wild anticipation - how will Panasonic's next flagship more closely resemble the Red Raven or Alexa Mini? I'm exaggerating of course, and I just might be able to understand all the speculation about the GH6 years ahead of its... Continue Reading →

HDR: Revised Cost Alert and Other Stuff

Any professional videographer shooting V-Log Lite or HLG with the GH5 should probably already own the Ninja Inferno anyhow, since it unlocks 4K 60p 10 bit. So if you already own an HDR smartphone, the investment required to begin editing HDR turns out to be a mere $145.00 for a converter. Nearly all NLEs now support... Continue Reading →

How to Enable Desktop Video Utility on a Mac

Before harnessing the power (!) of Blackmagic Design's UltraStudio Mini Monitor to edit HDR video using the Ninja Inferno as an external monitor, you must first install Desktop Video. However, after installation, you may discover that the device is not recognized when running MacOS High Sierra 10.13. Here are the steps you should take in... Continue Reading →

Say Your Goodbyes to SDR!

So basically, if you've got a camera that shoots RAW or LOG, for around the cost of the GH5s, you can get yourself a Ninja Flame or Inferno, a BMD UltraStudio Mini Monitor and the best 55" OLED TV on the market and begin creating and enjoying HDR videos that blow the socks off anything available today. What... Continue Reading →

When, Oh When, HDR?

What exactly is the point of advertising that the Ninja Inferno is also able to serve as a portable editing solution if the required converter costs triple or quadruple what you paid for the recorder/monitor itself? But that's exactly what Atomos is doing. I was on the phone with Atomos technical support in Melbourne this... Continue Reading →

The Point of No Return

Since uploading my first HLG HDR video to YouTube the other day and seeing those inky blacks and brilliant highlights, I'm hooked. There's no turning back. Granted, I didn't do any color correction, so the colors were off - maybe a touch cyan? - but overall, I was quite pleased with what I saw. Thrilled,... Continue Reading →

GH5s Dynamic Range Controversy

Filmmakers are clamoring to see real world examples demonstrating the superiority in dynamic range of the GH5s over the GH5. Several have said they won't purchase the camera unless it delivers fourteen stops. Imatest would be definitive, as ‘real world’ tests aren't repeatable. And while Mystery Box, who were paid by Panasonic to promote the GH5s for... Continue Reading →

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