Four Steps to Good Skin Tones

Mixed lighting: daylight & fluorescent. Lumix GH5, Olympus 75mm f/1.8. HLG, ISO 400, f/1.8. Custom white balance with the X-Rite Colorchecker. Calibrate your grading monitor. Be sure to use Leeming LUT Pro. Adjust color temperature, tint and saturation before adding any looks.

Veydra Couldn’t Care Less About You

I received a personal message this morning: Hi there! I have been searching high and low for contact info for Veydra, l bought a m43 mount from them, but have not recieved word one about shipping. They dont even reply to mail. I understand you had the same experience, and have contact data to someone... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Sigma 60mm f/2.8 DN Test

At just around $210, this lens is one of the least expensive as well as among the tiniest in my collection. But is it any good? Camera: Lumix GH5 Settings: HLG, ALL-Intra, 400Mbps, ISO 640, f/2.8 Leeming LUT Pro Panasonic HLG beta v602

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