Sony a7 III: The Perfect B-Cam?

I shared my latest a7 III video and some screengrabs with a respected filmmaker who shoots with the GH5s and asked for his opinion about the tonal transitions, color, noise, detail and highlight roll off. I did not ask him to evaluate nonsense like ISO 100,000, or any other such pointless rubbish cluttering the Internet.... Continue Reading →

Sony a7 III: Extraordinary Shadow Detail

Sony's a7 III has been widely praised for its good low light performance, but it's seldom acknowledged how exceptionally clean the shadows are even at low ISOs. It might also be assumed that because we're shooting 8-bit rec.709 video, that tonal transitions must necessarily suffer - but in actual practice, Sony's are in fact superior... Continue Reading →

Sony Dominates FF Sales in USA

Four out of ten full frame cameras sold in the first half of 2018 were manufactured by Sony. It’s also been reported that in the overall mirrorless market, Sony has held the No.1 spot in both dollars and units for more than six years. The company attributes much of its recent success to the overwhelming popularity of the a7r III, a7 III... Continue Reading →

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