Sony Dominates FF Sales in USA

Four out of ten full frame cameras sold in the first half of 2018 were manufactured by Sony. It’s also been reported that in the overall mirrorless market, Sony has held the No.1 spot in both dollars and units for more than six years. The company attributes much of its recent success to the overwhelming popularity of the a7r III, a7 III and a9 full frame mirrorless cameras.


In response to those who will make comments such as, ‘well, duh… they’re the only ones who’ve released a new camera in the past six months,’ or who suggest the numbers are fake:

Both DSLR manufacturers, who sell coveted premium pro cameras costing upwards of $6,000 and still manage to cripple their 4K video (if they offer it at all) by either unacceptably cropping the image, using pixel binning, disabling histograms or zebras, switching from DPAF to CDAF in video or giving us a miserly number of AF points in the center of the frame, saying goodbye to face tracking or using outdated codecs, and not offering IBIS, as well as mirrorless manufacturers who fall far behind in key areas like battery life and autofocus, with bizarre constrictions on HDMI out and curiously missing critical exposure aids have allowed Sony to take the lead where video is concerned.

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