Phuong: Extended Version

I've tweaked the audio, given the video punchier blacks, used the new comic book effect in Final Cut Pro sparingly, reduced the duration of a couple of clips, added new footage of Phuong shot a couple of days ago and removed the green tint in some of the clips. "Evening Forever" by KieLoKazLicense

Sony a7 III: Phuong

We met up yesterday morning and took a taxi to the Fine Arts Museum (formerly a private villa designed by a French architect and constructed in the early 20th century) but because of the heavy traffic, instead of the usual ten minutes, it ate up a precious thirty minutes of the two hours I normally... Continue Reading →

Good News: No More Cats!

At long last, I think I've found a model, so hopefully this will be the last cat screenshot I post for a long, long time. I still need to find some assistants for sound and lighting though. And I'm hoping to be able to try out my newfangled fog machine.

Vlogging in 2018

Since switching over to the Sony a7 III, YCImaging's YouTube channel looks dramatically better. The clean image and excellent detail is achieved by downsampling the 4K image from 6K and there's the wonderful full frame shallow depth-of-field, along with pleasing skin tones. Meanwhile, though I dig his meticulous attention to lighting and the orange and... Continue Reading →


The online forums are brimming with opinions on what constitutes a good lens. And many of those commenters would have us believe that lens reviews, which consider factors like extraordinary resolution and an absence of aberrations and vignetting to be the hallmarks of good design, as entirely misguided. In sum, they prefer vintage lenses with... Continue Reading →

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