M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros Crash While Playing HDR YouTube Videos

MacRumors is reporting that some 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro owners have complained of crashes when watching HDR YouTube videos. Watching an HDR YouTube video in Safari then scrolling through comments resulted in a kernel error, according to one reader. Apparently, watching YouTube in full screen and then exiting full screen mode can also cause… Read More

Our Response to a Colorist Insisting HDR YouTube Videos Can’t Be Graded on a Mac

All we’ve got to say is how grateful we are for the handful of intrepid YouTubers working with less than Grade 1B reference monitors, because it seems the only ones who can justify purchasing $30,000 displays are post production houses working on multimillion dollar shows that are lit in an SDR environment and monitored in… Read More

Mind Saturation & Noise Reduction

Saturation While the extended color volume of HDR results in perceptibly more vibrant colors able to retain saturation and brightness without compromise, it pays to be cautious with saturation. Glowing skin and radioactive foliage are indications that saturation is cranked up too high. To assess saturation, use the vectorscope. In order to see the highlight… Read More