Rant: 16-Bit RAW

I’ve already made my aversion to external recording solutions known in plenty of previous posts: they add bulk, require additional power solutions, cables, SSDs, magic arms and a cage – unless you’re one of the cool guys willing to gamble on mounting one directly to the hot shoe of the camera! Firmware updates to older… Read More

MicroLED Is A Pipe Dream

For a while now, any time OLED television sets are mentioned, online commenters raise the spectre of burn-in and suggest waiting for microLED, which they insist is just around the corner. Like OLED, microLED is a self-emissive technology capable of true blacks, infinite contrast and outstanding viewing angles but with a brighter output than OLED… Read More

Sony a7s III – Controlled Tests & Low Light Footage

CVP performed a number of comparisons between the Canon R5 and the Sony a7s III, including low light tests and evaluating latitude in post. Not only does the a7s III perform better than the R5 in low light, it also has greater latitude in post. As expected, the a7s III does suffer from some aliasing,… Read More