4K HQ = 8K

Nearly impossible to tell the difference between 8K and oversampled 4K HQ. Save some hard drive space and shoot 4K HQ 170Mbps rather than 8K 680Mbps. Fun facts: A double blind study by Warner Brothers showed most consumers can’t distinguish between 4K and 8K and most Hollywood movies are finished in 2K.

a7s III Vastly More Popular Than R5

Some alarmists are saying Sony must immediately respond to Canon’s salvo by launching their own 8K mirrorless, but shouldn’t the real question be: should Canon develop an a7s III-like camera with insane ISO 16000 see-in-the-dark ability, 4K 120p no line-skipping, 13 stops of dynamic range, no two-hour cool-off times after shooting for twenty minutes, a… Read More