Mac M1 Owners: Do Not Update to Resolve Studio 17.4!!

A Blackmagic forum member writes: “I use a Mac M1 with HDMI directly connected to LG CX. Using the same settings, 17.3.2 can easily watch HDR. After upgrading to 17.4, the exact same color management settings and other settings were tried, but HDR could not be activated. After downgrading to 17.3.2, without making any changes, it directly shows HDR…… Read More

Remote Collaboration

Aaron Hayden, colorist and owner of Color Monkey, a post-production house located in Los Angeles, California, in response to Vincent Theo’s comparison of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro to the Sony BVM-X300 reference mastering monitor, adds the following: “No joke, in the current Covid environment and everyone working remotely, Netflix recommends producers review HDR color/online on… Read More

Camera Reviewers Could Learn a Thing or Two From This DP

The footage we’ve seen from the DJI 4D looks amazeballs; and that DJI has committed to working with the following DPs on their upcoming works with the 4D is an arrangement unprecedented in our experience: Rodney Charters, ASC, CNSC, NZCS; Takuro Ishizaka, JSC; Rachel Morrison, ASC; XiaoShi Zhao, CNSC; and Academy Award winners for Best… Read More