Which Data Levels for External Monitoring?

Some YouTubers are recommending video levels for HDR grading but we stand firmly by our recommendation to use full data levels for both video monitoring and rendering. DaVinci Resolve Studio Waveform monitor If you've set up your project properly, after applying a curve and adjusting the HDR wheels, the picture on your external display should... Continue Reading →

Resolve 17 Highlight Bug A Feature?

We wrote about this back in August. Supposedly, Blackmagic was on top of it. The highlight tool hasn’t worked properly when using the HDR panel in Resolve 17 since day one. X-Rite WB Card Power Window + Highlight Tool Adjusting Global wheel in HDR tools breaks highlighter. Adjusting Offset wheel in Primaries, highlight behaves normally.

Mind Saturation & Noise Reduction

Saturation While the extended color volume of HDR results in perceptibly more vibrant colors able to retain saturation and brightness without compromise, it pays to be cautious with saturation. Glowing skin and radioactive foliage are indications that saturation is cranked up too high. To assess saturation, use the vectorscope. In order to see the highlight... Continue Reading →

Do Not Upgrade to Resolve 17.4!

The other day, we cautioned Mac M1 users against updating to Resolve 17.4 because of acknowledged issues with getting HDR on an external display and today we learn that Resolve 17.4 can't export Dolby Vision IMF files. Aaron Hayden, colorist and owner of Color Monkey, writes: "Trying to export a UHD Dolby Vision IMF using... Continue Reading →

Display HDR in DaVinci Resolve Viewer

This post explains how to use the HDR capabilities of an Apple MacBook or iMac built-in display when using DaVinci Resolve and also applies to external HDR capable displays such as the Apple Pro Display XDR, allowing you to preview HDR content directly via the Resolve viewer. The feature is only available on macOS 10.14.6 and above and... Continue Reading →

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