Dolby Engineer Answers Our Most Pressing Questions!

We asked Nate McFarlin, Senior Content Engineer, Dolby Laboratories, a couple questions that have been troubling us for a while now: (1) Why exactly is it that Dolby insists on input and output DRTs being set to NONE in a Resolve Color Managed workflow; and (2) When mastering Rec2020 (P3-D65 Limited) ST2084, should the mastering monitor be calibrated to P3-D65 ST2084 or Rec.2020 ST2084?

His response:

“We recommend the input/out DRTs be set to none to avoid any of Blackmagic’s color management/science being applied. You can find out more info on that in their documentation.

The P3/2020 question is a great one and honestly one of the most common ones I’m asked. I’m in the middle of remastering a lot of our display-related documentation, but I can share this table we’ve put together.

Regardless of which workflow/setup you choose, a Rec. 2020 image with restricted P3 primaries displayed on a properly calibrated Rec. 2020 display is equivalent to a corresponding P3 image displayed on a calibrated P3 display. Long story short, if you’re using a Rec. 2020 with limited P3 primaries setup, you’ll want to calibrate and setup your display to Rec. 2020.”

So there you have it: no need to calibrate your LG OLED TV to P3 when delivering Rec.2020 (P3-D65 Limited) ST2084.

Photo credit: Nate McFarlin, Dolby Laboratories

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