What’s Behind the Window?

Frankly, we'd rather not know. Below, screenshots from a few outstanding examples of HDR filmmaking and one screen grab from a promotional video shot by Erik Messerschmidt for the ARRI Alexa 35. Photo: ARRI. Encounters 'The Swing', DP Erik Messerschmidt Photo: Netflix. 'Devotion', DP Erik Messerschmidt Photo: Netflix. 'The Hand of God', DP Daria D'Antonio... Continue Reading →

Cinema Camera WCG Capability

Shane Mario Ruggieri, in his podcast with Mixing Light, said that not all cameras with high dynamic range can capture very saturated, accurate colors at high luminance levels. The diagrams illustrate the light gathering ability of a few cinema cameras capable of recording between 11 and 12 stops of dynamic range (Imatest). The OG Sony... Continue Reading →

What Were They Thinking?

Watched a few minutes of the doc Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street and was struck by the number of scenes where those 12K, 5K and 3K lights were just burning holes in the picture. Photo: Netflix Photo: Netflix


Phil Holland's shotPrep is a handy tool for quickly figuring out delivery resolutions for non-standard formats, like 6K 17:9.

Sony Color Management Updates

Here are the revised settings for Sony S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 and ProRes 4444 XQ Rec.2100 ST2084 (from ProRes RAW), the chief difference being no more input or output DRT. Only restrict output color space to P3-D65 if the mastering display is calibrated to P3. Set 'HDR mastering is for' according to the capabilities of the mastering display.

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