Ninja Inferno as Run ‘n Gun/Portable Grading Monitor Solution?

Atomos markets the Ninja Inferno as a professional tool for cinematographers, with a gloriously bright, 1,500 nit display, heaps of exposure and focusing aids, touch screen interface, a variety of codecs, XLR inputs, Atom HDR for obtaining perfect exposure with Log footage for HDR delivery, 4K 60p recording, as well as for use as a… Read More

How to Use the Ninja Inferno for Grading HDR Video in Final Cut Pro

Once you’ve set up your project in Final Cut Pro and¬†installed Blackmagic Desktop Video¬†on your computer, you’re just about ready to grade HDR video using the Ninja Inferno as an external monitor. You’ll probably want to edit your project in 1080p and export in 4K. Note: This section is a work in progress! I’m getting… Read More

How to Edit FCPX on a Different Computer

I’d begun editing my ‘mini-documentary’ on my MacBook Pro but since getting a new 27″ iMac, naturally I wanted the convenience of being able to edit the project on both machines: on the laptop while at the office (I don’t have any classes for seven more weeks) or at the coffee shop after work; and… Read More