How to Edit FCPX on a Different Computer

headline_NEW-FCPX-10-1-LibrariesI’d begun editing my ‘mini-documentary’ on my MacBook Pro but since getting a new 27″ iMac, naturally I wanted the convenience of being able to edit the project on both machines: on the laptop while at the office (I don’t have any classes for seven more weeks) or at the coffee shop after work; and on the desktop when I’m at home. Poking around the toolbar in Final Cut Pro X and right-clicking on events and projects, I couldn’t figure out how to move my… wait! Since the release of FCPX, I was even more confused: did I want to duplicate, move or copy? And what was I moving/copying/duplicating – my library, my events or my project? Anyhow, it turns out to have been the library – which contains all of my media, events and projects – that I needed to move. And unexpectedly, it’s not even done in FCPX – it’s done in the Finder. So if, like me, your library is located in the Movies folder on your laptop, just copy and paste it into your external drive. Then, simply connect the drive to your desktop, double click on the library icon and it will open up in Final Cut. Once you’ve verified that the new library is hunky-dory, you can go ahead and delete the original library in the Movies folder on your laptop and use the new library on the external drive for editing on both computers. How easy was that?

Incidentally, rather than squander over $400 for the recently released WD My Passport Pro 4TB portable drive, I picked up a Seagate Backup Plus Fast and saved over $100. The USB 3-powered Backup Plus Fast houses two 2TB Samsung hard drives configured in RAID 0, enabling transfer speeds exceeding 200 MB/s as measured by my Blackmagic Disk Speed and AJA System Tests. As it lacks a fan, the portable drive is completely silent during operation but can get quite toasty under load. While not shock-proof, it does feel very ruggedly built. I have seen the Seagate selling at Amazon for as little as $234 including shipping, making it one of the year’s best deals in portable storage.

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