Saigon Mini-Doc: 30/4 Park

I learned quite a bit while editing this short. For one thing, I encountered a lot of frustrating performance issues with Final Cut Pro X – sluggishness, beach balls and running out of memory – when rendering stuff as basic as subtitles, not to mention applying LUTs. After uploading the project to YouTube, I did… Read More

How to Edit FCPX on a Different Computer

I’d begun editing my ‘mini-documentary’ on my MacBook Pro but since getting a new 27″ iMac, naturally I wanted the convenience of being able to edit the project on both machines: on the laptop while at the office (I don’t have any classes for seven more weeks) or at the coffee shop after work; and… Read More

Lumix GH3: Color Grading With LUT Utility and Grading Breakdown

In all of the digital video I’ve done over the past two years, virtually the only manipulation I ever applied in order to enhance the image has been to reduce contrast, color saturation and in-camera sharpening. When it came to editing, any adjustments were solely to correct for over- or underexposure. It has only been… Read More

Sunday Afternoon in the Park

There are always loads of photographers in and around the park, especially on weekends: wedding photographers, amateurs, fashion photographers and television crews. Last weekend, I had the good luck to run into Thanh, a cameraman with VTV, a Vietnamese broadcasting network. I arrived at the park at around three in the afternoon, where they’d been… Read More