If you ask anyone what the single greatest innovation to come out of Korea is, you’re likely to hear many responses - hallyu, kimchi, Samsung’s blazingly fast Galaxy Note, “Sandglass”, the towering masterpiece of Korean television drama that transfixed an entire nation back in 1995, or even Kakao Talk, the amazing mobile messenger service I... Continue Reading →

Dentistry in Korea

Korea has exceptional dental care, but beware of aggressive treatments that are primarily cosmetic. While fillings are covered under health insurance plans, root canals and crowns are not, and unscrupulous dentists often perform unnecessary procedures on unwitting patients. I'm publishing a letter I sent to my dentist back home a couple of years ago after I... Continue Reading →

The Busan Chronicles, Part 2

I've decided to publish the seven or so letters I wrote documenting my experiences in Busan, where I lived for three years before coming to Daejeon. The very first letter appears to be lost. 20 November, 2007 It's already been one month that I've been living and working in Korea. The weather is becoming chilly... Continue Reading →

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