RED Komodo Noise Revisited

No, you're not having flashbacks, we've covered this before. But since we were testing out our shiny new Meike T2.1 50mm s35 prime, we thought we'd take the Komodo's auto WB for another spin. And just like our other footage where we dialed in our own Kelvin, it looks like there is indeed an unmistakable... Continue Reading →

Sony a7s III Internal Codec vs. ProRes 4444

ProRes RAW HQ transcoded to ProRes 4444 is brighter, less green, has greater contrast, increased saturation and significantly higher resolution than the internally recorded S-Log3/S-Gamut3 XAVC S-I codec. Below are screenshots of the HDR footage dropped onto a rec. 709 timeline with a custom curve added to preserve highlight detail and a hue adjustment to... Continue Reading →

Sony a7s III Chroma Noise

Brandon Li, in the BTS (9:00) of the "Crossroads" video he made for Sony, says there's noise even at relatively low ISOs. Could it be that Sony is just using less aggressive processing than in their other less video-centric alpha cameras? Not a few filmmakers complained in the past of not being able to lessen the amount... Continue Reading →

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