30/4 Park Revisited

I recently added a new tool to my arsenal – a handheld stabilizer that goes simply by the name of Hand Held. I have no idea where it’s manufactured. The Freefly MōVI it is not, but then again, it doesn’t carry a $15,000 price tag either. It’s elegantly crafted from brushed aluminum (no plastic!), with leather for… Read More

Test: RØDE Stereo VideoMic Pro

Most experienced filmmakers will tell you that sound is 50 percent of filmmaking. If the sound is poor, the wisdom goes, your video isn’t going to be watched. I don’t know whether this is borne out in actuality however, because to the best of my knowledge, most videos posted to YouTube by non-professionals are shot… Read More

The Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Saigon Zoo, located just twenty minutes or so from my apartment, is one of the oldest zoos in the world. In addition to the exhibits, there are acres and acres of parkland, where you can get away from the traffic and noise of the city, have a picnic, or eat lunch at one of… Read More

18A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Extended Cut (with Audio Commentary Track)

Here’s a look at my new neighborhood and surroundings. The voiceover commentary track was recorded with my brand new Yeti USB microphone purchased from Other World Computing. I’ve added a bouncier soundtrack than the earlier versions, made some additional color corrections and added several new shots. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to watch in HD.… Read More