30/4 Park


What an ordeal it was trying to upload this video to YouTube! First of all, Apple’s QuickTime only allows videos of up to 15 minutes to be uploaded to YouTube, and the clip is almost 24 minutes long. Then, when I tried using YouTube’s own uploader instead, I had to verify my account, but when I tried uploading the video using a WiFi connection with an upload speed of 10Mbps, it was going to take one or two days to finish! Anyway, I ended up using a high-speed landline (100 Mbps) and it still took several hours to process. But one advantage to using YouTube’s own uploader is that my videos can finally be watched in 1080p, while videos I uploaded through QuickTime maxed out at 720p for some reason or other.

Shooting video in the park poses a real challenge, as traffic noise is ever-present, as well as the constant chattering of people throughout the sets. An even more perplexing challenge is that things don’t really get going until 4:30, and there’s barely an hour of available light left at that hour. Between 4:30 and 5:00, half of the players are bathed in sunlight, the rest obscured in shadow. From that time on, I’d better hope to capture something remarkable, because now I’ve only got thirty minutes or so before light levels drop precipitously low. Chance smiled on me this time, as I’d arrived a couple of hours early to reserve a good spot and set up my tripod, far enough away from the box drums so that I could pick up the strumming of the guitars. When I shot that day, I was still recovering from a bout of stomach flu and taking eight or so different medications, and I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to remain standing for the duration. I’m glad I did, because, as occasionally happens, a singer well-known throughout Vietnam joined the group that evening. Ha Okio is a recording artist and producer, who also happens to be active in promoting environmental awareness.

I’m considering purchasing the upcoming Canon HF G30, as it is equipped with a 20X zoom lens and OLED touchscreen and is able to shoot both 24p and 60p. It also has touch focus in manual mode, an important feature.

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