Austin Black’s Impressions of the FX9

I'm sharing these videos by Austin Black because (1) he talks about the differences between shooting with the a7 III and the FX9; (2) they demonstrate the natural, lovely-looking skin tones the FX9 is capable of; (3) he shares impressive examples of S-Cinetone, difficult to find online and; (4) he uses LUTs designed to mimic... Continue Reading →

R6 Dynamic Range?

The rumored price of the a7s III is $3,500.00. Throw in an Atomos, cables, batteries, SSD, cage and magic arm and we’re looking at $4,500.00. Let’s be straight: we weren’t demanding full HDMI out, XLR inputs, false color or vectorscopes - all that most hybrid video shooters were asking for was a darn flippy screen,... Continue Reading →

Leeming LUT Athena – Sony A Series

Here's a screen grab from the model shoot yesterday, shot with the Sony a7 III, FE 85mm f/1.8, Hoya ND8, S-log2, ISO 800, f/6.3 and graded with Leeming LUT Pro. Very excited about the new LUTs, and S-log2 is now my very favorite picture profile; but the banding in the sky just kills it for... Continue Reading →

Leeming LUT Pro ‘Athena’

Alongside the newly released Pro II LUTs, Paul Leeming has also given us Athena LUTs, which he says "are a brighter version of Pro II, designed around placing middle grey (also known as 18% grey) at the 50% IRE level after the LUT has been applied, while retaining the same perfect colorimetry". Both Athena and... Continue Reading →

Magical: Leeming LUT Pro + RocketStock LUTs

Here are a few screen grabs from a recent project, shot with the Sony a7 III, FE 85mm f/1.8, Cine2 and graded with Leeming LUT Pro and RocketStock LUTs. Straight out of camera. Waveform (Luma). RGB Parade. Vectorscope. Leeming LUT Pro, pulled down shadows, boosted saturation. RocketStock LUT (Korben). RocketStock LUT (Arabica). RocketStock LUT (Fusion).... Continue Reading →

Project Screen Grabs

All shot with the Sony a7 III and 85mm f/1.8, ISO 100, sharpening at -7. I was working in ultra-harsh lighting from around 9:00 - 10:30AM, no reflector. Since I'm having serious banding issues because of YouTube compression, it's going to be a while before I sort it out and upload. This also happens to... Continue Reading →

Leeming LUT Pro Sony S-Log2

I almost always shoot Cine2, but a question from a forum member over at DPReview about noisy footage at ISO 3200 inspired me to whip out my a7 III and try out S-Log2 for only the second time in two years. I dragged the clip into the Final Cut Pro timeline, threw on Paul Leeming's... Continue Reading →

Exposing for Skin Tones, HLG HDR

Having watched Gerald Undone's outstanding guide to exposing for low noise when shooting HLG for SDR delivery, I was curious whether the figures he arrived at were also applicable to HLG HDR video. Because even in graded HDR content, the bulk of the image should still fall within the standard 0-100 nit range, I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

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