CRFTSHO Spreading More Misinformation About HLG

CRFTSHO  is at it again, spreading falsehoods about HLG, saying it uses less of the color space of the GH5 sensor than V-Log, which simply is not true. They might come across as more credible if they had the footage to back up their claims, but their ugly, blurry, poorly exposed shots of Christmas tree… Read More

Lens Talk

Some random observations about Veydra, Fuji, Sigma and Olympus. A comment by a viewer who’d watched my YT video, ‘Why Aren’t More People Talking About These Lenses?‘ was so spot-on that I just had to share it here. These lenses will be that sort of thing where they will go unnoticed while the company is still in business.… Read More

Which SD Card for Your GH5?

This is not a comprehensive look at all the available cards that will work with 400Mbps ALL-I files, only the 128GB V90 cards sold by Panasonic and Angelbird. Both cards cost roughly $250.00 when I purchased them in Singapore a couple of months ago. To the best of my knowledge, the Panasonic retails for around… Read More

Coming Soon: Shooting Models with LED Lights

In preparation for my upcoming project, shooting models with LED lights, I’ve been testing out my Lishuai 700RSV, a 20-inch edge light, and playing around with the new color controls in FCP X 10.4. I’ve gotten lots of requests to see more footage shot with the Veydras, so I’ll do my best to include those… Read More

How to Work with the Leeming LUT for Panasonic HLG in FCP X 10.4

Update: See new workflow with Leeming Fixie LUT here. For those looking to work with Sony’s HLG, here’s the workflow. Apple has gone ahead and and released what can only be described as a humungous update for Final Cut Pro, including the ability to edit 360° video, advanced color grading tools like curves and wheels, look up… Read More