Is Fuji Still Relevant?

Ever since Fuji added 4K to the X-Pro2 with firmware update v.4, there’s been a lot of hype about the video capabilities of the camera. But does extra resolution alone a video camera make?

For one thing, unlike the more capable X-T2, in-camera sharpening and highlights/shadows cannot be adjusted while shooting UHD on the X-Pro2. That alone would dissuade me from picking up the X-Pro2, but there’s more.

On my wish list would be a functioning remote app that records at a higher resolution than 720p. When doing interviews like the one I shot recently with the GH5, being able to tap focus and adjust exposure on my iPhone is super convenient. Also, before going out on a shoot, I’ll often perform tests at home for things like the color temperature of my LED lights, and being able to control the camera remotely is a real blessing.

While shooting my model out on the street last night with a 20-inch LED light, by simply adjusting exposure until zebras were at 90% for the brightest highlights on my GH5, I was able to get perfect and consistent exposure for every clip. The blinking highlights of the Fuji just don’t cut it for me.

Being able to shoot log in-camera is another real boon. For one thing, it eliminates the necessity of rigging up the camera with a cage and external recorder; for another, recorders and cages cost money, and together with extra batteries, cables and storage can easily run $1,000.00.

For those who just shoot casual family or vacation videos, IBIS is indispensable. Being able to shoot for hours with a single battery and monitoring audio without investing in an expensive battery grip would be nice.

In fact, to make the Fuji functional for my way of shooting, I’d need to invest in an external recorder (Ninja Flame + storage), a cage, a gimbal for stabilization (Zhiyun Crane) and a battery grip (VPB), bringing the total outlay for an X-T2 and accessories to over $3,700.00. And there is no way to calculate the value of features like extra teleconverter, included in the GH5, which effectively doubles the number of lenses in your kit.

I appreciate Fuji build quality and design as much as anyone else, but there is no evidence that that translates into more reliable or bug-free cameras.

Finally, as far as image quality goes, the gap is becoming so narrow that it is not sensor size, but convenience that is the selling point for me.

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