Focus Pulling with the Veydra Mini Primes – Pleasure & Pain

Lumix GH5, Veydra Mini Prime 16mm T2.2, 400Mbps, ALL-Intra, HLG, Sharpening -5, Noise Reduction -5, T2.2

I’m at work on a new project, shooting with cinema lenses and the whole shebang. This afternoon, it felt like I was carrying seventy pounds of gear with me down the alley in 90 degree heat to catch a cab. Setting up takes four times longer than with my usual kit – a camera and lens. 🙂 First shot – my model looking out the window of a vintage automobile – was a complete failure, because it was too bright to pull focus with the Blackmagic Design Video Assist. I can’t wait till my Ninja Inferno arrives! Once we were indoors, things went a little more smoothly, but not all was roses. The Shoot35 matte box kept interfering with my Tilta follow focus, so I had to remove a screw from the matte box, and even then, it was difficult if not impossible to tighten the clamp of the matte box around the Veydras without great struggle. And because the 85mm is longer than the 16mm, I had to change the position of the matter box whenever I changed lenses. To make matters worse, I did the unthinkable and hired an unseasoned assistant, whose sour attitude and disappearing whenever I needed help spoiled the day. Now I’m almost certain she was intentionally trying to sabotage the shoot. Anyhow, enjoy the frame grab!

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